Skinner’s Pub & Eatery

In St. Paul we move at a slightly slower pace. We aren’t as quick to tear down something that can be reused or abandon a comfortable old favorite for something new and shiny. Skinner’s Pub encapsulates all that is great about the saintly city. The booths are nice and worn in, a comfortable groove that you can settle into for a good, long drink. The building is old and dates back to the 1900s when it housed the Vogelgesang grocery store. This bar and restaurant continues to be a gathering spot for neighbors and for anyone on the lookout for a great slice of square-cut pizza. The drink prices are also a plus; some beers cost just a couple of bucks and cocktails max out at a top-shelf price of $5. Skinner’s is a spot where you’ll be embraced as family if you put in enough time to count as a regular. You’ll find yourself greeted heartily with a firm handshake and your favorite beverage waiting on a coaster at your usual seat. Spend a little time with the characters at this family-run joint and you’ll get enough stories to fill a book.

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